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About us

Step forward to innovation enables believers to perform basic church activities remotely, as well as the opportunity to attend worship through video broadcast aims to help all believers be closer to their temple, regardless of circumstances and distances. Thanks to this platform, citizens can attend worship through a video broadcast, put on a candle or take notes for peace and health at a particular temple. Our service also offers an experimental online Confession service, which does not usually produce a confession as a living confession with a priest, but will definitely help you purify your conscience and be closer to God. If that is not enough, we also suggest giving believers the opportunity to communicate online with the priest. Data confidentiality is guaranteed through the use of cryptographic technologies and compliance with GDPR.

Our achievements

We help believers

Cooperation with clergy is very important in our project. We all want to help the faithful be closer to their temple. We have already enlisted the support of the Bishop Matthew-Shevchuk, the manager of the Volodymyr-Volyn Diocese, and are working on setting up broadcasts from temples under his direction.

Temples take notes


Temples that light candles


Online temples


Temples that have a broadcast

Presentation of our project

We are open to partnership

If we have a common mission - join our team.

With, information is moving to a relatively new level, giving people the ability to use online services to find not only entertaining content, but also educational and spiritual enrichment. Below we present a detailed presentation of our project, which you can view and read in more detail.

Download the presentation